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CE Conformity Services, LLC

Conformity services for machinery and other equipment being placed on the market in Europe and beyond.

CE Marking, EMC Testing & Machine Risk Assessment Services

CE Marking and Certifications
Certifications and Consulting for CE Marking, NR12, and EAC/GOST
EMC Testing Ohio
Customer-site Electrical Safety and Acoustics Testing
Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Ohio
Customer-site Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing
Machine Risk Assessment
Risk Assessments and Safety Audits for Machinery and Other Electrical Equipment

Get Expert CE Marking Certification in Ohio and Throughout the US

Industrial equipment must meet strict requirements and comply with regulations to ensure safe, efficient operations. CE Conformity Services in Ohio is a trusted name in CE certification, giving companies confidence that their equipment and machinery meet the latest standards. From EMC testing to machine risk assessment to electromagnetic compatibility testing, we proudly serve clients in Ohio and throughout the United States. We stay on top of the latest regulatory changes, ensuring your equipment meets the mark every time.

We Follow European Regulations

When manufacturers send their equipment and machinery overseas, it’s vital to ensure they meet the required standards before entering the European market. CE marking certification and EMC certification are required to use this equipment in European countries, making it vital to find a partner to provide the relevant testing. With our machine risk assessments , electromagnetic compatibility testing, and EMC testing, you can rest assured that your equipment will meet the necessary standards before shipping it to the customer.

Work With Our Experts

CE marking is necessary if your company wants to expand into the European market. Our experts, based in Ohio, work with clients across the US and around the world to ensure that your equipment and machinery will meet the latest European standards. We can perform EMC testing and safety audits at your location, and we aim to stay on top of the ever-changing standards and regulations so you don’t have to, allowing you to feel confident that you can best serve your European customers with trusted equipment that meets strict regulations.

About Us

We have over 50 years of combined conformity experience, so whether you are simply thinking about starting a project, or if you have a complete machine already designed and built, and you want to understand what is needed to add the CE marking, please get in touch.

How We Can Help You

Up-to-date knowledge of the current directives and standards

Understanding the requirements of the standards as they apply to your equipment/machines

Performing constructional audit and all required testing, and by providing guidance on how to resolve any non-compliances.

Writing required technical files for demonstrating conformity

Set-up of Compiler and/or Authorized Representative within the EU as needed

Creating draft certificates (Declarations of Conformity) for manufacturer to sign allowing them to ship

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